Wagner Arts is a platform for an on-site gallery, grantmaking, and other related initiatives of Wagner Foundation, a Cambridge, MA-based foundation that funds at the intersection of Health Equity, Economic Prosperity, and Cultural Transformation across the globe.

Raven Chacon, Music for 13 Paths, Counterpublic, St. Louis, 2023. Photo by Tyler Small.

Wagner Gallery is a rotating exhibition space for contemporary art that addresses the most pressing issues of our time. Wagner Foundation’s belief in supporting the cultural and institutional role of the arts in civic life is matched by a commitment to artists who illuminate issues confronting society and transform our understanding of social change. 

The gallery presents up to two exhibitions per year of local, national, and internationally renowned contemporary visual artists, organized by grantee partners, guest curators, and Wagner Foundation’s Program Officer & Curator of Arts and Culture, Abigail Satinsky.

Also on view in the Wagner Foundation offices is a selection of artworks from the collection of Charlotte R. Cramer Wagner, founder and president of Wagner Foundation and longtime advocate of contemporary artists and their work. Built over the last ten years, the collection reflects Wagner Foundation’s vision and principles and includes works by artists such as Mark Bradford, Guadalupe Maravilla, Ana Mendieta, Julie Mehretu, Sterling Ruby, and Harmony Hammond, among others.

Wagner Foundation Gallery is open to the public by appointment only on Wednesdays and Thursdays, 12–5 p.m. To arrange an individual self-guided visit, please visit this link. If you would like a group visit or tour, email [email protected]. Admission is free and this venue is fully accessible.


Wagner Foundation supports the arts as an important component of a functioning society and democracy, as well as an essential part of individual wellbeing. Art, with its reflection of a multitude of cultural perspectives, offers an opportunity to experience the lives of others and grapple with complex societal issues, embodying transformative power in shaping conversations, challenging norms, and inspiring positive change. While unequivocally rejecting hate speech and expressions that demean or stereotype individuals or communities, Wagner Foundation champions the artists’ right to free expression, acknowledging that their opinions, whether expressed in public presentations we support or showcased in the Wagner Foundation Gallery, are their own and do not speak for or represent Wagner Foundation. 

Despite potential disagreement with artists’ views, we wholeheartedly endorse their right to engage in political speech and advocate for an environment where artists can authentically express themselves. Aligned with our commitment to justice, human rights, and inclusivity, Wagner Foundation is dedicated to upholding artists’ fundamental rights to engage in political speech, express their perspectives, and contribute to public discourse.


Established in 2005, Wagner Foundation‘s vision is a just and robust community where everyone is valued equally and has the ability to imagine, shape, pursue, and sustain the lives they wish to lead. In pursuit of this vision, the Foundation’s mission is to confront the social and historical disparities that perpetuate injustice and they do this by accompanying organizations aligned with this goal, serving as advocates for change and convening thought leaders. Its focus on health equity, economic prosperity, and cultural transformation is balanced by a holistic approach which aims to develop and strengthen equitable systems throughout the world.

Included in Wagner’s vision is a belief that art, culture and creativity are vital to personal wellbeing and a vibrant society. In its efforts, the foundation welcomes creative solutions bringing communities together. It is committed to encouraging visionary individuals, as well as arts organizations that expand cultural access. The willingness to explore, ask questions, and support one another makes new solutions possible, transforming culture in the process.


Carisa Bobskill, Office Engagement Manager & Executive Assistant

Caroline Easley, Deputy Director

David Demosthenes, Grants & Impact Manager

Karen Harrison, Director of Communications

Bridget Miskell, Senior Finance & Operations Manager

Lily Sargeant, Program Officer, US Partnerships

Abigail Satinsky, Program Officer and Curator, Arts & Culture

Charlotte Wagner, Founder & President